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Where "I "Stand for. Literally FOR!! not against. that is pretty clear in Western terms. In Eastern term another way it sounds like: Dao. These are expressions of how the purpose is lived.

You may have found out; yes "I "am spritual and NO I am not.

So time to get tangible the Purpose is:

to Bridge the GAP. What Gap? Well look around:

The gap between people (or in ourselves) BEING their (our) opnion(s). Not just having one! That seldom happens anyway: people ARE their opnion (an EGO function). No space for communication!

A small list:

  • Green versus more transportation by roads,
  • sustainable development against oil production on Mother Earth finests spots,
  • Money grabbing versus SHARING.

To brigde this, I have one advice: OPEN YOUR HEART and that will take time and training before you can BE!! this.

I learn from everyone and these below are special (random order and more will follow):

  • Bill Gates (and with him many others)
  • Jianshe Liu
  • Ping Fang and Taco
  • Mia
  • Ria Bauhofer