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Project TIGI


The project is being executed as part of the KP7 research programme of the European Commission: Research for Associations.

With this programme, SME Associations receive financial support, allowing them to have Research and Development conducted for which their budget normally would not allow any space. The Consortium of project TIGI expresses its gratitude for the financial contribution of the European Commission.

The project is executed by:

  • 3 SME associations (NGO-SBG, SYF, AIAS)
  • 5 Research & Development partners (TNO, Gemmini-Enterprises, Ondeo industrial Solutions NL,Universidad de Cantabria, Swerea-IVF)
  • 7 galvanization companies.(GTV, LOKO, Vargarda KromWerk, Ecogalvanic (Ytab), Proton Finishing, Zinper and Galvanotechnnia Y Derivados.)

Participant’s countries of origin are the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. The ultimate goal of the project is to implement the innovative emulsion pertraction technology(EPT) in Europe’s metal plating industry.

Specifically the project aims on prolonging the lifetime of the new generation Chrome 6+ free passivation products that are used within the galvanisation industry. The usage of these Cr6+ free products was issued by a directive from the European Commission with regard to the usage of Chrome 6+.

These new passivation fluids are much more expensive than the old fluids containing Chrome 6+. By prolonging the lifecycle of the passivation baths and keeping the concentration of tramp ions on a constant level:

  • operational costs within the galvanisation industry will be significantly reduced;
  • the environmental load will also be reduced, less use of raw materials etc.
  • the productquality of the passivated objects is on a higher level.

Prolonging the lifecycle of the passivation bath is accomplished by selectively removing the tramp ions Fe3+ and Zn2+; This is done by applying the hollow fibre membrane technology. The purified passivation fluid is taken back to the bath and the fluid with the tramp ions can be used in a pickling bath.

For more information on the TIGI project please continue reading and or send an email to .