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Welcome to the website of Gemini Entreprises.

A few things first: the languaging is a mixure of personal, popupair, informal and scientific expressions. That is on purpose: to make the project that are shown, more tangible as project are performed by people. You will also get an impression on who and what is Gemini-Enterprises. It is not complete, it is vast. The only thing that can be complete is when You and I work together in a project. I don't like formal stuff: "I" rather BE who "I": Am (have you got more appropriate words? Sent them to me). To Be short: Gemini Enterprises developed from an engineering firm into a Research and Development company. The playground is the whole of Europe, for now. the growths of the knowlegde is coupled with experience: experience in Being Human.

One more: I love to keep things simple: not to attach meaning to "some-thing"; no interpretations: clear communications.

And.... thank you for visiting!!